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Writer dancing on the knife edge of sanity between the Mersey, the Dee, and the Irish Sea.

Interests include boxing, heavy/psychedelic blues/soul/rock (Curtis Mayfield, Pink Floyd etc.), Absurdism, Surrealism, fishing, kissing, cigar-smoking, laughing, fires on the beach, animals, teaching, debating, films (David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Terry Gilliam, Peter Mullan, Mike Leigh etc.) and cooking.

I’ve been a barman, floor mopper, dishwasher, warehouse hand, personal trainer (for LFC players, high-ranking CID, notorious gangsters, venture capitalists, security firms), and a department store lackey, whence I drew inspiration for A Smaller Hell. I am also a published composer/songwriter, which has taken me all over Europe and America, including Nashville, LA and New York.

Big fan of J.G. Ballard, Aldous Huxley and H.G. Wells amongst many others.  I studied both English Language and Literature for GCSE and A-Level, gaining A and A* grades.  When offered an unconditional place at UEA on their writing course to study under the Poet Laureate, I turned it down for personal reasons.  Two years in at Liverpool University, my degree was cut short by my being the victim of a serious violent crime, leaving me with PTSD and chronic insomnia.  I took up learning about psychology in a bid to understand my condition, and it’s this combined with my background in studying Gothic and Existential literature that has most influenced my writing to date.


Currently seeking representation for new manuscript The Horseman’s Dream.

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