Everyone’s seen for themselves what a polarising and destructive force the media can be. Hopefully, we’re all a bit more savvy this time around and won’t fall into the trap of attacking each other for the sake of appearing dominant on social media (how empty does your life have to be?).  Yeah, right.
I hate New Labour as much as I hate the Tories. It’s not a partisan thing. I have both left and right views on various issues, but I don’t like being lied to, manipulated or controlled so that politicians, bankers, arms dealers, pharmaceutical companies or other major corporations can continue “gaming” the system to line their pockets at the expense of people at home and abroad. We’ve been told that there’s no money for the NHS, yet local councillors are pocketing six-figure salaries for doing piss-all. Even worse, further cuts have been given to corporations who are taking millions from the British public, but paying disproportionately small amounts back into the coffers.
It’s all a big con. We’ve known it for a long time and I think we should encourage radical changes for the well-being of our country. Don’t believe sensationalist crap that you see online, in the newspapers or on the gogglebox. Talk to people around you in good humour, with fairness and humility over a cuppa, and try to examine what you know to be true, moreso than what you speculate to be the case. We all want the same thing: a happy and peaceful future for our loved ones with plenty of opportunity to earn, learn and freedom to pursue the things that make us feel alive.