I saw a grandma
Howl at the moon
Pink at the prospect
Of it ending too soon

Saw top-hatted molluscs
Prospecting for gold
While Covid-19
Came for the old

I saw churches and schools
Shut down and closed
Underground carriages
Disinfected and hosed

Heard vacuum-packed children
Stamping their feet
No ball games allowed
Or they’ll be dead meat

Saw people spill blood
Over basmati and bog roll
Saw pandemic mystics
Play war with statistics

Saw goats from the Orme
Take over a town
Feast on the hedges
While we were locked down

Heard billionaires ask
For bailouts and breaks
Saw Derbyshire Police
Blacken their lakes

Saw planes coming in
When the herd began dying
Saw a Bully Brigade
Of eugenicists lying

Saw the intake of breath
The widening eye
The sweat on the temple
At the dry cough nearby

Saw them run for the hills
Straight into the arms
Of farmers who’d kill
For their families and farms

Saw a telecoms mast
Burn in the shire
Broadcasting the flames
Of a five jee alarm fire

I saw a nurse
Wrapped up like a bin
I heard the chinless
Say chinny chin chin

Heard the word herd
And the cattle did low
That the government response
Was suspiciously slow

I saw a prince
In line to the throne
Shrug off the plague
All on his own

And his brother self-isolate
At his preferred address
A restaurant in Woking
Called Pizza Express

I saw their mother
Say we’ll meet again
In a green funeral dress
On News at Ten

I saw the light
At the end of the tunnel
Leaking away
Through an objectivist funnel

I saw a witch
Type on a Corona
Saw people ramp up
Their online persona

I heard Old Bill say
He has a vaccine
And everyone ask
Wtf that mean

You won’t get us wearing
Armbands by Gates
Immunis corona
Said the Master of Fates

You’d better keep
The two metre distance
Hand over your freedom
To preserve your existence

Saw neighbours grass neighbours
For a jaunt or a wheeze
Best not to ask questions
In times like these.

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