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The Horsemans Dream – a Dystopian Novel by AJ Reid

After climate disaster reduces the UK to a tiny archipelago, a fascist media mogul seizes power through Virtual Reality and hallucinogenics. Elevated areas that survived the floods provide a base for resistance, while Sheffield becomes the new capital. Dartmoor is designated a red zone for deportation of political enemies and diseased, while Exmoor houses the criminally insane.

The prefix “Great” is but a distant memory for Britannia. Her last hope rests in the hands of a suicidal neuropsychiatrist, a chaplain with too much blood on his conscience and an ex-Royal Marine who eats seagulls for breakfast. Will they stop the transmission of The Horseman’s Dream before it plunges this once green and pleasant land into an apocalypse of the soul?

#Psychological #Existential #Speculative #Dystopian #Esoteric #Adventure

“Full of fascinating ideas” – Will Self
“Shockingly prescient” – Paul F (beta reader)
“One of the best books I’ve read in ages. I really love the pace of it and it just completely sucked me in. Barely noticed where we were and that last line was so poignant.” – Jade G (beta reader)

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“Excellent story that delves in to the sometimes murky dangerous world of Rock music and unpredictable self important so called rock stars clutching at their miserable ego boosted existence, AJ writes with believability, a very enjoyable story, hope there’s much more to come.” ***** – Mistydog

“Great character and event description and darkly funny at times.” **** – Jane

“Being a singer who has used music studios since 1980, I was intrigued to discover how the author, also a musician speaking from first hand knowledge, handled the subject of a serial killing sound engineer. In essence a studio is rarified environment. Once you put those total noise cancellation headphones on, the result is a close to silence as you could probably get on Planet Earth. So if someone came up behind you with a weapon, you would not have a chance to react. You might as well be rigging up your own noose. Add to this, the necessary security required to protect expensive equipment and a psychotic engineer in charge would have captive victims at his mercy.

A.J Reid captures this chilling prospect with aplomb via a skilful, well written narrative, strong characterisation (so important yet often overlooked in crime writing) and a cabled plot that leads the reader to a stark resolution. What’s not to like? Rock and roll of course has its dark side, so Reid’s fresh studio perspective becomes even more believable. If you are a fan of crime writing, you will not be disappointed as all the ingredients of abject revulsion yet utter compulsion drive the plot forwards like power chords. You don’t have to be a muso to enjoy this young novelist’s kill fest. You do need an imagination though, but I do not recommend you read this with your fancy cans on your ears. Listening to music on headphones after reading ‘Grey Noise’ would be like taking a shower following Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho. ‘You have been warned.” – ***** KT

GREY NOISE by AJ Reid is a grungy, shocking novel charting the trials of a disturbed sound engineer who snaps on the job, falls in with the wrong crowd and discovers a darkness within that must be controlled.

Patrick McDonagh is a Liverpool sound tech who truly understands the old saying that “silence is golden”. Highly-skilled behind a mixing desk, but undervalued due to his lack of charisma and social graces, he remains forever on the fringes of the music industry, picking up whatever crumbs he can to look after his mother in their terraced house by the docks. What most people don’t know about Patrick is that alongside the guitars, drums, bass and vocals, there has always been the mysterious grey noise and fortunately for everyone in his little black book, he’s always been able to ignore it … Until now.


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Black is a lonely thirtysomething, lost in the grey wasteland of modern Britain. His lust for life gone, he sleepwalks to and from work each day, barely even able to conjur a daydream on the journey.

Dianne Doyle is an insatiable fortysomething in a playground of corruption, with each game becoming increasingly bizarre. Some would say that she is simply a businesswoman trying to make a success out of her inheritance, but those who know her best know that her interest in profit margins ran out a long time ago. Her pampered, flawless appearance belies a dark history of perversion and violence … and the worst is yet to come for Black: Tanner’s Department Store’s newest employee, and Dianne Doyle’s chosen playmate for her most enigmatic and dangerous game yet. This Christmas, the mundane will be a warm, distant memory for Black, as he finds himself pinned down by Doyle’s trident of blackmail, sex and violence.

A Smaller Hell is a darkly-comic tale of collisions between the normal and the perverted; the workaday and the surreal; the logical and the absurd; and of course, good and evil. A modern Gothic novel combining Adventure, Romance and Psychological Horror, it will keep you guessing as Black negotiates his way through the darkest alleys of this once-splendid shipbuilding town, right up until the shocking climax at the Christmas party.

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My 2006 solo album, recorded in Aliensound Studios, Lancs. Click here to listen.

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Heavy rock trio from Liverpool doing a psychedelic, soulful, bluesy thing. Click here to listen.

Neon and Blood - Limehawk

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