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Ever Been Told You Have a Problem with Authority?

Ever been told that you have a problem with authority? Well, good for you if you have. If you’re STILL being told you have a problem with authority, even better. I’ve been called many nasty names in my long career of “non-conformism” (as one kindly ex-girlfriend put it) and accused of “living in my own…

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Rare Exotic Breeds Short Story Collection Released into the Wild

How Did Rare Exotic Breeds Come About? Over the past three years, I’ve been submitting short stories to various competitions globally. Rare Exotic Breeds is a collection of all the stories that were prize-winners or shortlisted. After two consecutive first prizes and publication in Writing Magazine, the editor suggested to me that dark, mischievous literature…

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A Smaller Hell Now Available in Paperback

Pleased to announce that A Smaller Hell is now available in paperback format from Amazon. Mystery, Crime, Romance and Dark Comedy all wrapped up in 224 pages of literary mischief. “AJ Reid’s ‘A Smaller Hell’ is a fable of our time.” – ***** KT Acolyte “An electrifying piece of literature.” – ***** Whim “The author…

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