The following are works of fiction by AJ Reid.

A Smaller Hell

#Dark #Satire #Capitalism #Hierarchy #Retail

A darkly-comic novella set in the grand old department store of a violent, crumbling coastal town. Maybe Hell is empty and all the devils really are here? Find out in this sly examination of perversion and power. Buy here.

Grey Noise

#Psychological #Horror #Crime #Adventure #Music

Grey Noise: a sardonic, psychological crime novel charting the trials of a Liverpool sound engineer with a crippling tinnitus that drives him to extremely dark thoughts and ultimately, deadly violence.

Knights of Snowdonia

#ScienceFiction #Spy #Psychological #Adventure #Horror #YA

Knights of Snowdonia: A lonely 14-year-old boy is recruited into a powerful secret society and sent to rescue his father from the Yakuza in Tokyo.
Meanwhile, he’s also dealing with the most incredible identity crisis and a sarcastic mentor who claims to be his battlefield buddy from a thousand years ago and a crush on Florence Nightingale.

The Horseman’s Dream

#Psychological #Dystopian #Fiction #Horror #Metaphysical #Existential #War

Near-future Britain: broken beyond belief. Beyond Brexit. Beyond climate change. Survivors cling to the most elevated areas, kept in thrall to Totem: a new form of entertainment that broadcasts the dreams of convicts and political enemies of the Establishment. When the creator of Totem, neuroscientist Dr. David Hopkins and Lucky Newman, a Royal Marine whistleblower, take over an abandoned nuclear bunker in Snowdonia and turn it into a press, others join the resistance from across the isles.

But can they stop the broadcast of The Horseman’s Dream before it sinks what’s left of Britannia beneath the waves?

“Full of fascinating ideas” – Will Self
“Shockingly prescient” – Paul F (beta reader)
“One of the best books I’ve read in ages. I really love the pace of it and it just completely sucked me in. Barely noticed where we were and that last line was so poignant.” – Jade G (beta reader)

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The Crystal Barrel

A collection of poetry, dealing with the absurdity of human existence and endeavour in this post-truth age of Artificial Intelligence, Social Media and Mind Control. Often drawing on psychology and the occult, the poems question the forces directing our collective fate and ask questions of our handlers that require urgent answers if we are indeed to remain human. Check out some of the poems here.

Bile and Venom

#Diary #Memoir #SocialMedia #NonFiction #TrainOfThought #Insults #Swears #Brainfarts #HalfBakedOpinions #StreamOfConsciousness

A collection of responses to social media and current events of the last decade. 300k words at last count. An ongoing, therapeutic non-fiction project by AJ Reid.

Diary of a Caveman

interactive fiction diary of a caveman

#NuclearSurvival #Horror #Adventure #Existential #Metaphysical #Spiritual #AntiWar

Full-length feature screenplay of 95 pages, following the desperate attempts of an abandoned hospice resident to survive a nuclear missile attack.

You can play the Interactive Fiction experience here.