What happens when a disturbed sound engineer snaps?

Patrick McDonagh is a Liverpool sound tech who truly understands the old saying that “silence is golden”. Highly-skilled behind a mixing desk, but undervalued due to his lack of charisma and social graces, he remains forever on the fringes, picking up whatever crumbs he can to look after his mother in their terraced house by the docks. What most people don’t know about Patrick is that alongside the guitars, drums, bass and vocals, there has always been the mysterious grey noise. Fortunately for everyone in his little black book, he’s always been able to ignore it … Until now.

As he decides whether to exact vengeance upon the lead singer of Summer Seems So Far, the grey noise builds to a crescendo. Find out whether Patrick survives his jaunt through the underworld in this rock and roll neo-noir novel, woven using the same dark threads and sensibilities as A Smaller Hell and The Horseman’s Dream.

The full novel is now complete and will be available in 2020. It’s loosely based on my own experiences in music. I’ve always felt immense sympathy for sound engineers at soundchecks, especially. When one of my engineer friends confided in me that he had a fantasy “kill list” of local musicians and managers, it sparked the idea for Grey Noise. Obviously, he was joking, but for Patrick McDonagh, it’s a little more serious …

UPDATE: Grey Noise now available for purchase.