The Horsemans Dream – a Dystopian Novel by AJ Reid

After climate disaster reduces the UK to a tiny archipelago, a fascist media mogul seizes power through VR, cymatics and hallucinogenics. Elevated areas that survived the floods provide a base for resistance, while Sheffield becomes the new capital. Dartmoor is designated a red zone for deportation of political enemies and diseased, while Exmoor houses the criminally insane. The prefix “Great” is but a distant memory for Britannia.

Her last hope rests in the hands of a suicidal neuropsychiatrist, a chaplain with too much blood on his conscience and an ex-Royal Marine who eats seagulls for breakfast.

Will they stop the transmission of The Horseman’s Dream before it plunges this once green and pleasant land into an apocalypse of the soul?

#Psychological #Existential #Speculative #Dystopian #Esoteric #Adventure

“Full of fascinating ideas” – Will Self
“Shockingly prescient” – Paul F (beta reader)
“One of the best books I’ve read in ages. I really love the pace of it and it just completely sucked me in. Barely noticed where we were and that last line was so poignant.” – Jade G (beta reader)

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Find out more about the origins of The Horseman’s Dream.

Climate change, propaganda and warmongering, corrupt government have wrought disaster on Britannia and its people in The Horseman’s Dream.
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