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Happiest Moments of my Birthday

1. Opening my cards, especially my nephew Baxter’s, which he had picked himself. It had three Bengal tigers on it, just like Richard Parker from Life of Pi. 2. Listening to Rory Gallagher with my dad, like we used to on our way to work in the van. 3. Nando’s for lunch with the family,…

By ajreid22 2nd January 2015 0

The Bridge

I sit in a restaurant, thinking about The Bridge. The fading autumn sunlight lends the Albert Dock an air of melancholy, deepening the pits and furrows in the brickwork.  Tourists still point and shop and take photographs.  Smart office workers negotiate the cobbled walkways with a practised hustle, while art students drift in and out…

By ajreid22 13th November 2014 0