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When I’m gone and turned to dust, You’ll still click my link, I trust, Give us a like or even a love, I’ll be watching from above, If creation truly be not a sin, Maybe my uploads will get me in? Followers come and followers go, Like lovers you never really know, Unless they too have…

By ajreid22 15th June 2017 0

Echo Chamber

Goodnight, my love, Sleep well in your chamber, See you in a while, You’ll be in no danger, From the voice that dares ask, Any question at all, To the strong and the stable, Of their thirst for our thrall. Goodnight, my love, Your skin has grown paler, Behind the chamber’s glass, You’ve become your own jailer, Closing the…

By ajreid22 12th May 2017 0

Day at the Zoo

An experiment in combining poetry, music and film: three things by which I have been besotted since I first experienced them.  I’m no film-maker, but editing these public domain clips into something that vaguely makes sense was really satisfying, somehow.  I’m used to working with words and music, mostly, but working with the visual felt amazing.  All…

By ajreid22 30th May 2016 2