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Ever Been Told You Have a Problem with Authority?

Ever been told that you have a problem with authority? Well, good for you if you have. If you’re STILL being told you have a problem with authority, even better. I’ve been called many nasty names in my long career of “non-conformism” (as one kindly ex-girlfriend put it) and accused of “living in my own…

By ajreid22 1st October 2022 0

Echo Chamber

Goodnight, my love, Sleep well in your chamber, See you in a while, You’ll be in no danger, From the voice that dares ask, Any question at all, To the strong and the stable, Of their thirst for our thrall. Goodnight, my love, Your skin has grown paler, Behind the chamber’s glass, You’ve become your own jailer, Closing the…

By ajreid22 12th May 2017 0