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FREE Dark Interactive Fiction: Ludovico

This FREE interactive fiction verges on the indecent, but I think war is indecent. Warmongers and bullies of all kinds should fear that one day they’ll have to take their own medicine. I hope technology makes that deterrent a reality soon. It’s the same notion that underpins The Horseman’s Dream: that a tech-enhanced form of…

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A Special Kind of Actor

The craggy face of Rutger Hauer glared back at me from the battered VHS case. ‘Don’t let your mum find it. I want it back when you’re done.’ ‘She’ll find it. She finds everything.’ ‘Hide it under your bed.’ ‘First place she looks.’ ‘Dammit. She’ll kill me too if she finds it. She’ll know I…

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A Smaller Hell Free Giveaway

Download your free Kindle ebook between 5th-9th March 2015 here for US readers, and here for UK readers.  It’s a jolly jaunt about sex and violence, hierarchy and corruption, that sort of thing – all set in a department store in northern England.  Here’s what A Smaller Hell’s latest Amazon review said: “Beautifully written with rich…

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