union tony word 3

Creative type dancing in the mud between the Mersey, the Dee, and the Irish Sea. Purveyor of speculative fiction, music, art and poetry for the broken-hearted.

Love Dystopian, Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi and Adventure fiction. Musical inspiration tends to come from Morricone, Ann Peebles, Mozart, Satie, Peter Green, Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield, Strife and Pink Floyd.

Author of “A Smaller Hell“, “Grey Noise“, “Rare Exotic Breeds“, “The Knights of Snowdonia” and “The Horseman’s Dream“. Interactive Fiction works include: “Kodiak“, “Ludovico“, “Diary of a Caveman” and forthcoming “Dinbych”.

Works completed, but not-yet-published, include a collection of poetry, a TV pilot screenplay “The Ghost Walks Tonight” and feature screenplay “Diary of a Caveman“. Interested in VR/AR as a cross-platform story-telling tool and Interactive Fiction as a spiritual/psychological aid.

Albums include: “Unknown Hemisphere“, “On the Count of Nine” (Tony Reid), “Neon and Blood” (Limehawk) and “Diary of a Caveman” (Limehawk – unreleased).

Other interests include: Boxing, Blues, Absurdism, Surrealism, Gothic Literature, Psychology, Cigars, Mysticism, Nature, Cinema (David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Terry Gilliam, Peter Mullan, David Cronenberg) and Cookery.

Big fan of J.G. Ballard, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jack London, George Orwell, Mary Shelley, Aldous Huxley, Iain Banks and H.G. Wells.