Ever Been Told You Have a Problem with Authority?

Ever Been Told You Have a Problem with Authority?

1st October 2022 0 By ajreid22

Ever been told that you have a problem with authority? Well, good for you if you have. If you’re STILL being told you have a problem with authority, even better. I’ve been called many nasty names in my long career of “non-conformism” (as one kindly ex-girlfriend put it) and accused of “living in my own little world” quite a few times. I always respond to this by inviting the critic to come and have a beer in my little world sometime, at which point they usually give up and walk away. So what particular brand of corrupt authority is centre stage at the moment? Readers of my books will know that I’ve been warning against the unholy matrimony of Objectivism and Capitalism since I began with my first publication A Smaller Hell 10 years ago. You might have heard the term “Disaster Capitalism” a lot recently …

Why is the World in Chaos?

When you pour accelerant on a fire, it burns out more quickly and that’s what we’re seeing now. Some people don’t see the world the same way you and I might. They see it and its inhabitants as mere resources to be drained and manipulated for their personal gain. Remember the bullies and sycophants from school? The latter were the worst: they’d betray/abandon you the second you were cornered. Well, our government and 99% of the opposition are simply those characters all grown up. Sadly, the same is true of our mainstream media, both news and entertainment (every time you watched Jeremy Kyle, for example, you were being programmed with anti-social traits).

Has Reality TV and Tabloid News Turned Me into a Psychopath?

It’s a question of “splitting”. In truly Gothic fashion, we have been split from Church, State and Family (not just blood, but community, too) and the ultimate goal seems to be to split people from themselves: to go against their true nature and possibly develop a nice little dissociative identity disorder, which was often referred to in the past as a “split” personality.

I always seemed to be misunderstood or met with cognitive dissonance when discussing these things, so I set about writing the novels and short stories as a means of serving up my warnings in a more palatable form. It’s no understatement to say that, in the past, Objectivism, Capitalism and Anti-Social Personalities have held me by my collar over the abyss and let me take a long, hard look. It changes you, as anyone who’s experienced similar will tell you. Human beings, especially children, don’t deserve such trauma, but FEAR generates PROFIT and as we all know, in nearly every country around the world, profit comes way before people. 

You and I see profit in our little lives as meaning less to FEAR, but our masters and their masters see it as more CONTROL, more AUTHORITY, a tangible affirmation of their SUPERIORITY and justification of their DOMINION over you. Hopefully, you can see how important the abstract concepts are here.

So, what do we do?

How can we combat such a powerful enemy at this late stage? It sounds like a Hollywood cliche, but it really does start with YOU. Free your mind from all the conditioning. Consider that much of what you’ve ever been taught is a lie. Question authority. I don’t just mean the next pumped-up little bureaucrat you encounter, I mean the whole concept of one human being being granted or assuming control over another. Consider freedom and what it would mean for you. Stop watching the news. Reject reality TV/any kind of sadistic entertainment. Listen to some of your favourite music from way back when. Hug your family and friends. Read some books (preferably mine). Do whatever it takes to reconnect with your true self.

It’s nothing less than the breaking of a spell. Imagine the world you always wanted to live in as a kid. Share your ideas and re-connect with other human beings. If we can reverse the “splitting” and put ourselves back together, we won’t have to smash the system: the system will smash itself. Or, put another way, we haven’t a hope in Hell if the vast majority remains hypnotised. Get real and get rebellious. Now.

May we all be set free.