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A Smaller Hell

A Christmas Brit Grit Black Comedy set in the department store of a dying coastal town where nothing is as it first seems.

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Grey Noise

Grey Noise Rock Aug 21 2015 4

Black Comedy following the misadventures of Patrick, a sound engineer who discovers that the only way he can relieve his crippling tinnitus is by taking revenge on obnoxious musicians.

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Grey Noise: Goldtooth

goldtooth aug 21 2015 5

The sequel to Grey Noise, this follows Patrick further into the underworld as he becomes involved with a local crime family.

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A sound engineer with a grudge, a gun and a terrifying secret.  Which one of the band is going to get it first in this neo-noir novelette set in Liverpool, home of The Beatles?  Get your copy now FREE.

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Grey Noise: Goldtooth Released on Amazon Today

       Last month, I finished the first draft of The Horseman’s Dream, which has been an ongoing project for a decade.  In the interests of distance from the manuscript, I decided to shelve it for a month before returning to it and use the time to write the second novelette in the Grey Noise series.  This episode gives us more insight into Patrick’s past and what has happened to him to make him the way he is.  In the six months since he murdered a singer, he has been free of the dreaded grey noise, but now it has returned.  In his attempt to relieve his affliction without resorting to murder, he befriends someone even more dangerous than he is and falls for someone he knows he shouldn’t.  When the moment of truth arrives, will Patrick bolt or bite the bullet?Get your copy today for only $0.99 by clicking here.


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