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When I’m gone and turned to dust, You’ll still click my link, I trust, Give us a like or even a love, I’ll be watching from above, If creation truly be not a sin, Maybe my uploads will get me in? Followers come and followers go, Like lovers you never really know, Unless they too have…

By ajreid22 15th June 2017 0

The Shed of Revelations

Occasionally, a few friends and I undertake clean-up operations on the local beach. It was during one such outing when we discovered this mysterious thing.   We went a little closer to investigate and found something odd: No-one knew what to make of it.   Someone had meticulously stitched pages of the Bible – mostly from the book of…

By ajreid22 18th September 2015 Off

Chinatown Sketch

In tribute to one of my favourite films, I thought I’d sketch a scene to try out my new art stuff.  I haven’t drawn or painted anything since my A-levels and even though this is just a quick scrawl, it feels really good to be doing it again.

By ajreid22 30th August 2015 0