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Day at the Zoo

An experiment in combining poetry, music and film: three things by which I have been besotted since I first experienced them.  I’m no film-maker, but editing these public domain clips into something that vaguely makes sense was really satisfying, somehow.  I’m used to working with words and music, mostly, but working with the visual felt amazing.  All three combined might be a bit like having all your favourite food on one plate: individually they taste good, but mashed together not so much, which is why I’m emphasising that this is only an experiment.  The soundtrack is fairly ambient with bluesy lap steel over the top.  I’ve been learning how to play that for a while, which has been great fun and has opened up some new musical horizons for me.

As far as the subject matter goes, it’s a little bit patriotic and it’s a little bit existential.  Best if you find your own interpretation.

Any feedback is welcome, good or bad.  Hope you get something out of it.



  1. Stumbled across this tonight and very impressed, the whole thing works brilliantly.

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